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Solutions addressing energy security and the climate crisis are urgently needed. Locally produced, renewable energy is key in combating these challenges, and of our planet’s renewable resources, sunlight is the most abundant. But how do we harness this energy in an effective and sustainable way? This question forms the base of my research which focusses on the following areas.

Emerging Photovoltaics:

Emerging photovoltaics (PV) are primarily thin-film solar cells capable of converting visible light into electricity. The wide-ranging potential of these devices is exciting. For example, they could be incorporated into urban infrastructure, existing in roof tiles and windows, or developed for indoor use to power the internet of things (IoT).

I employ a range of materials characterisation techniques – including X-ray and neutron diffraction, optical microscopy, steady state and time-resolved photoluminescence – to investigate organic-inorganic materials for solar applications. The aim is to improve the performance of thin film PV through materials engineering.

Sustainable Solar:

Little work exists in considering end-of-life strategies in PV. But as these devices often rely on rare earth materials extracted through intensive mining, new developments in PV might exacerbate future materials shortages. I identify trends in materials use, device fabrication, and waste streams with the ambition of embedding sustainability into device and system design.

I am also interested in starting projects in:

Biodiverse Energy Systems:

Biodiversity loss endangers ecosystems by diminishing species variety and compromising nature's vital contributions to the world’s well-being. Solar panels, when integrated thoughtfully, offer benefits to biodiversity. They can create sheltered spaces for wildlife, reduce land disturbance by minimizing traditional energy infrastructure, and promote sustainable land use practices, fostering coexistence between renewable energy production and thriving ecosystems. How can we incorporate solar energy harvesting devices in biodiverse green spaces?

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