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Dr Bryony O Sands, AFHEA

Senior Research Associate

Bryony Sands

Dr Bryony O Sands, AFHEA

Senior Research Associate

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Research interests

My research integrates agricultural entomology, parasitology, community ecology and insect taxonomy and broadly seeks to understand the impacts of anthropogenic activities on insect biodiversity, ecosystem function and pest and parasite populations. 

My work has focused on the environmental impacts of chemical pollutants in agricultural ecosystems, including non-target effects on insect biodiversity, plus consideration of novel, environmentally sensitive approaches to parasite control. This has involved identifying toxic effects of agricultural parasiticides on important insect decomposer populations in the UK and sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on dung beetle survival, reproduction and landscape-scale community structure.

I am currently investigating the spread of a piroplasm blood parasite of dogs and its tick vector Dermacentor reticulatus in the UK using molecular techniques, and spatial models to consider the effect of environmental change on tick borne disease distributions. I am also investigating the chemical contamination of manure used for fertiliser in crop-livestock systems, and the impacts on soil biodiversity and ecosystem function.

Future aims include developing cost-effective mitigation strategies to inform sustainable agricultural practises that minimise chemical pollution and allow biodiversity to recover.

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Postal address:
Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue