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Dr Casimir J H LudwigM.A.(Nijmegen), Ph.D.(Bristol)


Casimir Ludwig

Dr Casimir J H LudwigM.A.(Nijmegen), Ph.D.(Bristol)


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Research interests

In my lab we study how visual information is used in the control of behaviour, as manifest in motor actions. In particular, I am interested in the decision processes that govern (i) how we actively sample information from the environment by shifting gaze, (ii) how the sampled information is used to draw inferences about the state of the environment, and (iii) how these inferences guide our motor behaviour. The methods I use include eye tracking, visual psychophysics, motion capture, virtual reality and computational modelling.

Current and Recent Grants

  • Gilchrist, I.D., Leslie, D., Baddeley, R., Bogacz, R., Farrell, S., Ludwig, C.J.H., & McNamara, J. (2011 - 2015). Decision-making in an unstable world. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, 1.6m.

  • Ludwig, C.J.H., Burn, J.F., Leonard, U., & Bull, D.R. (2010 - 2014). Bristol Vision Institute Laboratory. The Wellcome Trust, equipment grant, 390k.

  • Ludwig, C.J.H. (2008 - 2013). Integrating 'when' and 'where' in models of saccade target selection. Engi- neering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Advanced Research Fellowship, 700k.

  • Ludwig, C.J.H. & Gilchrist, I.D. (2006 - 2007). The salience of luminance transients to the saccadic eye movement system. Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, 120k.

  • Farrel, S., Ludwig, C.J.H., Gilchrist, I.D., & Carpenter, R.H.S. (2006 - 2009). Modelling sequential eects in saccadic choice. The Wellcome Trust, 100k.

  • Rowe, A.C., Penton-Voak, I.S., & Ludwig, C.J.H. (2006 - 2009). Adult attachment and the perceptual processing of facial expressions of emotion. Economic & Social Research Council, 370k.

  • Ludwig, C.J.H. (2005). The perceptual template governing saccadic decisions. Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Overseas Travel Grant, 6k.

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The Priory Road Complex
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United Kingdom