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Dr Christophe FrickerMA (Dal), D.Phil (Oxon), FRSA


Christophe Fricker

Dr Christophe FrickerMA (Dal), D.Phil (Oxon), FRSA


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Words are actions that matter in specific social situations. What we say or write is never ‘just words.’ And what we do in our communities relies on a language that allows people to get involved. I analyse language use across various communities and support the development of communicative practices that are effective and appealing. Most recently I have focused on the language of Brexit, exploring differences between Remain and Leave media as well as UK, Irish and German sources.

From 2010 to 2018 I was a founding partner at Nimirum, a research and consultancy firm tracking socio-economic change and consumer biographies. I was responsible for around 300 completed projects, enabling over 100 clients across multiple industries to sharpen their profile, win a record number of bids, base strategic decisions on a secure footing, and increase revenue. I was also in charge of recruiting, training, and deploying researchers in 65 countries, and for Nimirum’s research methods portfolio.

At Bristol I have been teaching courses on German politics, history, business culture and literature (including humour!) and on translation. Before coming here I taught German and translation at Oxford during my doctorate, and then served as head of Business German and, briefly, acting German language programme director at Duke University.

My work in literature has been on the link between craft, creativity and community, primarily with regard to the poetry of Stefan George and the essays and diaries of Ernst Jünger. My interest is in notions of poetry as communication, and the concept and practice of a lyrical Thou. Between 2012 and 2017 I led an international research group on “Poetry and Personhood in Modern Europe” which was based at the Hanse Institute for Advanced Study. Seven books have so far come out of this work: My book on the poetry and poetics of Stefan George was #2 on the NDR/SZ list of the best new non-fiction books. I am the editor of the conversations between Ernst Jünger and André Müller and of the correspondence between Friedrich Gundolf and Friedrich Wolters, as well as four collections of scholarly essays on Stefan George, Hofmannsthal, Schiller and Hölderlin.

As a translator I am the German 'voice' of a number of bestselling and highly-acclaimed writers, including Guardian columnist Owen Jones, Atlas of Prejudice internet sensation Yanko Tsvetkov, science writer Hugh Aldersey-Williams and American poet Joshua Mehigan. 

My most recent book has outlined 111 reasons to love England and was featured in broadsheets, tabloids and on radio.

Since 2014 I have been an instructor at Deutsche Schülerakademie, the German government’s summer school programme for exceptionally talented sixth-formers. I serve as adviser to Krachkultur, one of Germany’s leading literary journals, and was assistant editor of the German Quarterly from 2006 to 2009.

I studied at St John’s College, Oxford, where I was awarded a D.Phil in German in 2006. My doctorate was generously supported by a Lamb & Flag Studentship, financed by the college pub. My M.A. is from Dalhousie University, where I was an Izaak Walton Killam Pre-doctoral Scholar. As an undergraduate, I studied Politics, German Literature and (some) Musicology at Freiburg and the National University of Singapore.

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