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Dr Christopher A YatesPhD(R'dg), MSc(Leeds), BSc(Leeds)

Research Associate

  1. DOMAINE: Characterisation of the nature, origins and ecological significance of dissolved organic matter in freshwater ecosystems

    Bayliss, C. E., Evershed, R. P., Lloyd, C. E. M., Harrison, R. V., Mcintyre, C. A., Owen, A. T., Pemberton, J., Reay, M. K. M., Yates, C. A., Jones, D., Maberly, S., Jickells, T., Evans, C., Fenner, N., Golyshin, P., Ferrer, M., Hopes, M., Glanville, H., Brailsford, F., Mackay, E., Marshall, M., Cooper, D. & Johnes, P. J.


    Project: Research