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Mr Craig SavageBA, MA (York)

Senior Research Associate

Craig Savage

Mr Craig SavageBA, MA (York)

Senior Research Associate

Member of

Research interests

My current research looks at the lyrics of Bob Dylan, focusing on their relationship to American space. As part of this, the project considers Dylan’s choice of medium, and his sophisticated use of allusion and intertextuality, to reflect on the ways in which his depiction of America both responds to traditional modes and follows Ezra Pound's injunction to ‘make it new’. 


  • ENGL10039: Approaches to Poetry
  • ENGL10104: Ways of Reading 2
  • ENGL30024: American Literature
  • ENGL30207: Dissertation

Professional appointments

  • Deputy Director, Bristol Poetry Institute
  • Member, British Association of American Studies

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Postal address:
Hampton House
Cotham Hill
United Kingdom