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Dr David A RichardsB.Sc., Ph.D.(Bristol)

Reader in Physical Geography

Research interests

Climate change - Using a wide-range of deposits, especially stalagmites from caves, but also bone, coral and sediments, to obtain high-resolution records of past temperature, sea levels, vegetation change, faunal evolution. 

Geochronology -High-precision dating techniques to obtain chronological control on change in the Earth System (principally uranium-series and radiocarbon methods).

Environmental radioactivity - Developing novel protocols to explore source and pathways of radionuclides, particularly caesium, plutonium and uranium.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Cabot Institute Low Carbon Energy Research
  • Cabot Institute Natural Hazards and Disasters Research
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research

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Postal address:
University Road
United Kingdom