Ellie Mackin Roberts

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts

PhD, MA, BA (Hons)

  • BS8 1TB

Personal profile

Research interests

  • Ancient Greek religion
  • Material Study of Religion, including sensory responses
  • Archaic and Classical Greek art
  • Intersection of politics and religion in archaic and early classical Athens

Ellie’s main research interests involve the material culture and art of ancient Greece, particularly archaic and classical Greek religion, and using theoretical frameworks related to the Material Study of Religion. She is also interested in textiles and weaving, and the role of women in the religious landscape of the ancient Greek city.

She is interested in representations of the gods and religious practice in art and architectural sculpture, and in the intersection of political institutions and religious practice in the ancient world.

Ellie is currently working on a large scale reinterpretation of the Athenian religious landscape using frameworks from the Material Study of Religion.


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