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Dr Emma WilliamsonB.A.(Manc.Met.), Ph.D.(Derby)

Reader in Gender Based Violence

  1. GCRF Forced displacemnt

    Williamson, E., Aghtaie, N. & Begikhani, N.


    Project: Research

  2. Justice, Inequality and Gender Based Violence

    Hester, M., Abrahams, H. A., Aghtaie, N., Bates, L., Eisenstadt, N., Gangoli, G., Matolcsi, A., Mulvihill, N., Patsios, D., Turner, W., Walker, S., Williamson, E., Robinson, A., McPhee, D., Rumney, P., Williams, A., Sterk, G. & Magnusson, L.


    Project: Research

  3. Domestic Violence and Football: A feasibility study

    Williamson, E., Brookes, O. & Lombard, N.


    Project: Research

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