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Ecological impacts of selective logging in the Amazon: lessons from dung beetles, Lancaster University

31 Aug 20112 Dec 2015

Award Date: 2 Dec 2015

Selective logging in the Amazon forest: post-logging recovery in dung beetle communities, Universidade Federal de Lavras

28 Feb 201031 Jul 2011

Award Date: 31 Jul 2011

Dung beetle-mediated ecological functions in different pasture management systems and forests , Universidade Federal de Lavras

5 Jun 200629 Jan 2010

Award Date: 29 Jan 2010

External positions

Visiting Lecturer, Federal University of Pará

20 Jun 2022 → …


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  • Dung beetle assemblages within Amazonian selectively logged forests

    França, F. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Contributor), Korasaki, V. (Contributor) & Louzada, J. (Contributor), Mendeley Data, 13 May 2022


  • Plant size, latitude, and phylogeny explain within-population variability in herbivory

    Wetzel, W. (Creator), Hahn, P. (Creator), Inouye, B. (Creator), Underwood, N. (Creator), Whitehead, S. (Creator), Abbott, K. (Creator), Bruna, E. (Creator), Cacho, N. I. (Creator), Dyer, L. (Creator), Tooker, J. (Creator), Crowder, D. (Creator), Elderd, B. (Creator), Groenteman, R. (Creator), Eubanks, M. (Creator), Paynter, Q. (Creator), McCall, A. (Creator), Moreira, X. (Creator), Lecomte, N. (Creator), Frago, E. (Creator), Vandvik, V. (Creator), Sobral, M. (Creator), Pearse, I. (Creator), Bronstein, J. (Creator), Bagchi, R. (Creator), Bagchi, S. (Creator), Poveda, K. (Creator), Sakata, Y. (Creator), Penczykowski, R. (Creator), Laihonen, M. (Creator), Parthasarathy, N. (Creator), Waller, L. (Creator), Sasal, Y. (Creator), Zarnetske, P. (Creator), Ikponmwosa, E. (Creator), Kharouba, H. (Creator), Puy, J. (Creator), Sapir, Y. (Creator), Lindroth, R. (Creator), Piper, F. I. (Creator), Karban, R. (Creator), Kim, T. N. (Creator), Kalske, A. (Creator), Kimuyu, D. (Creator), Zhong, Z. (Creator), Pepi, A. (Creator), Massad, T. (Creator), Tack, A. (Creator), Utsumi, S. (Creator), Burghardt, K. (Creator), Buckley, Y. (Creator), Ohsaki, H. (Creator), Weber, M. (Creator), Yamawo, A. (Creator), Andrade, J. (Creator), Angulo, D. (Creator), Barrett, S. (Creator), Ben-Simchon, E. (Creator), Bloodworth, K. (Creator), Rosenheim, J. (Creator), Bustos-Segura, C. (Creator), Barbosa, M. (Creator), Castagneyrol, B. (Creator), Calixto, E. (Creator), Santos, B. (Creator), Allen, W. (Creator), Carvalho, R. (Creator), Anstett, D. (Creator), Abdala-Roberts, L. (Creator), Dáttilo, W. (Creator), Forister, M. (Creator), Valtonen, A. (Creator), Rasmann, S. (Creator), Gripenberg, S. (Creator), Tougeron, K. (Creator), Cornelissen, T. (Creator), Anjos, D. (Creator), Koerner, S. (Creator), Dallstream, C. (Creator), Pringle, E. (Creator), Holm, S. (Creator), Baskett, C. (Creator), Chiuffo, M. (Creator), Fernandes, G. (Creator), Helms, A. (Creator), Moore, C. (Creator), Endara, M. (Creator), Gossner, M. (Creator), França, F. (Creator), Moles, A. (Creator), Robinson, M. (Creator), Pereira, C. (Creator), Cinto Mejía, E. (Creator), Cogni, R. (Creator), Cortez, D. (Creator), Ejomah, A. (Creator), Farah, K. (Creator), Farias, R. D. P. (Creator), Finn, A. (Creator), Florjancic, G. (Creator), Fox, Q. (Creator), Grof-Tisza, P. (Creator), Haack, N. (Creator), Haq, S. M. (Creator), Hennecke, J. (Creator), Holeski, L. (Creator), Kagiya, S. (Creator), Kersch-Becker, M. (Creator), Komatsu, K. (Creator), Krishnan, S. (Creator), Lamelas-López, L. (Creator), LaScaleia, M. (Creator), Li, X. (Creator), LoPresti, E. (Creator), Louthan, A. (Creator), Maia, L. (Creator), Mills, C. (Creator), Ogbebor, C. (Creator), Pardikes, N. (Creator), Rosenheim, L. (Creator), Runyon, J. (Creator), Salgado-Luarte, C. (Creator), Sawant, M. (Creator), Schroeder, H. (Creator), Segre, H. (Creator), Smith, D. (Creator), Torrico-Bazoberry, D. (Creator), Uyi, O. (Creator), Vaca-Uribe, J. (Creator), Lehn, C. (Creator), Moshobane, M. (Creator), Ferrante, M. (Creator), Merwin, A. (Creator), Pan, V. (Creator), Morrison, C. (Creator), Nakajima, K. (Creator), Shelef, O. (Creator), Eisenring, M. (Creator), Rosche, C. (Creator), Segoli, M. (Creator), Muola, A. (Creator), Villellas, J. (Creator), Losada, M. (Creator), Everingham, S. (Creator), Mijango-Ramos, Z. (Creator), Phartyal, S. (Creator), Kalwajtys, M. (Creator), Martin, B. (Creator), Davis, J. (Creator), Trowbridge, A. (Creator), Cock, M. (Creator), Hermann, S. (Creator), Getman-Pickering, A. (Creator), Quintero, C. (Creator), Luizzi, V. (Creator), Hutchinson, M. (Creator), Cope, O. (Creator), Greig, K. (Creator), Lyon, N. (Creator), Tayal, M. (Creator), Kluse, J. (Creator), Shinohara, N. (Creator), Zehr, L. (Creator), Fernandes, A. (Creator), Keasar, T. (Creator), Pawar, R. (Creator), Schumann, I. (Creator), Sadeh, A. (Creator), van Dijk, L. (Creator), Novais, S. (Creator), Singh, R. P. (Creator), Gooden, B. (Creator), Pareja, M. (Creator), Salcido, D. (Creator), Nakadai, R. (Creator), Yim, S. (Creator), Stotz, G. (Creator), Lynn, J. (Creator), Quijano, T. (Creator), Hahn, L. (Creator), Mannall, T. (Creator), Maia, R. (Creator), Cinoğlu, D. (Creator), Kariyat, R. (Creator), Getman-Pickering, Z. (Creator), Dimarco, R. (Creator), Gianoli, E. (Creator), Sato, Y. (Creator), Dole, H. (Creator), McGurrin, K. (Creator), Jackson, E. (Creator) & Lynch, S. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023


  • Detecting and reducing heterogeneity of error in acoustic classification: Data

    Metcalf, O. (Creator), Barlow, J. (Creator), Bas, Y. (Creator), Berenguer, E. (Creator), Devenish, C. (Creator), França, F. (Creator), Marsden, S. (Creator), Smith, C. (Creator) & Lees, A. (Creator), Dryad, 11 Aug 2022