Dr Fraser J McQueen

PhD, MLitt, BA (Hons)

  • BS8 1TE

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Research interests

Dr Fraser McQueen is a Lecturer in French Studies and Comparative Literature. He completed his PhD, entitled 'Race, Religion, and Communities of Friendship: Contemporary French Islamophobia in Literature and Film' in November 2021, with cross-institutional supervision from the Universities of Stirling and Aberdeen. His thesis, which explores Islamophobia and community in contemporary France through a corpus of twelve literary and filmic texts, is currently under contract as a monograph with Liverpool University Press. Before taking up his position at Bristol, he held lectureships and postdoctoral fellowships at the Universities of Stirling and Edinburgh respectively.

Fraser's research to date has focused on Islamophobia and community in France, and on how debates around both have been refracted through literature and film. Related areas of interest include how the fields of politics and of cultural production interact, how racist discourses cross from the far right to the political mainstream, and how cultural products (particularly novels) contribute to that process. In his more recent work, he has explored the novels of the French far right; the mainstreaming of far-right conspiracy theories in France; ecofascism; the racialisation of discourses around geographical inequalities; and the work of Michel Houellebecq. A common thread in all of these apparently diverse interests is an interest in postcolonial and decolonial studies, and in the difficulties both have had in being recognised as legitimate fields of research in France (whether in the academy or public discourse).

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Decolonisation
  • Environment and Society


  • Islamophobia
  • French Literature
  • French Film
  • Comparative Literature
  • Racism
  • Far Right
  • Ecofascism
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Decoloniality
  • Community


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