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Professor Glenn D MorganBA, MA

Professor of Management

Glenn Morgan

Professor Glenn D MorganBA, MA

Professor of Management

Member of

Research interests

Glenn’s main areas of interest are in the impact of globalization on work and organization in different forms of capitalism.

He has published a range of edited books, journal papers and book chapters on the impact of multinational firms, global professional service firms, financialization and transnational communities of regulators and social movements on institutional change, inequality and elite formations in different forms of capitalism in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Current research is focused on two levels of change within contemporary capitalisms. Firstly he is conducting work on changes in the nature of solidarity at work, the rise of precarious work and the significance of coworking sites with a particular focus on dynamics in local labour markets such as Bristol. Secondly he is interested in the role of elites in the process of reshaping and adapting capitalist economies to changes in politics, society and technology. Currently he has a project on the relationship between Business elites and populist politics. He is also interested in the rise of China and the growth, impact and internationalization of Chinese firms and how this is being affected by the rise of nationalism and populism in Western economies.

His papers have appeared in a range of journals including Organization Studies, Organization, Journal of Management Studies, Human Relations, JOurnal of European Public Policy, Socio-Economic Review, Economy and Society.

From 2005-2008, Glenn was Editor of the journal Organization; he is on the board of Journal of Professions and Organizations, and Critical Perspectives in International Business. From 2014-15, he was President of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics. He has held visiting appointments at a number of universities in North America and Europe.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Perspectives on Work
  • Cabot Institute City Futures Research

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