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Dr Gustavo D B A S Infante

Language Teaching Fellow (Portuguese)

Gustavo Infante

Dr Gustavo D B A S Infante

Language Teaching Fellow (Portuguese)

Member of

Research interests

Language Teaching Fellow and Portuguese Language and Culture Tutor (Instituto Camões, Portugal)

Y1 Portuguese: Integrated Skills
Y2 Portuguese: Integrated Skills, Translation into Portuguese, Oral/Aural
Y4 Portuguese: Integrated Skills
HISP30070: Dictatorships, prisons, and writings in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking worlds (unit convenor)

Comparative Literature: Chinese and Portuguese 20th-century fiction
Prison writing and writing under dictatorships in Lusophone countries

After having spent four years in Beijing, a city that never sleeps, I moved to Bristol to do my PhD and, so far, I have been loving it. My past and current research inlcude:

1) 20th century Chinese and Portuguese fiction (namely short stories and novellas)
2) rural landscapes during dictatorships
3) prison writing during dictatoships
4) Literature(s) from Macau (in Chinese, English, and, naturally, Portuguese)
5) Portugal and its 'post-coloniality'

Member of research teams at:
Centre of Comparative Studies (University of Lisbon)
Centre of Classical Studies (University of Lisbon)
Literature(s) from Macau (University of Macau, University of Lisbon, University of São Paulo, Università degli studi di Firenze)

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Postal address:
15 Woodland Road
United Kingdom