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Dr Helen A CramerB.A.(Sus.), M.Sc.(Brun.), Ph.D.(Glas.)

Senior Research Fellow

Helen Cramer

Dr Helen A CramerB.A.(Sus.), M.Sc.(Brun.), Ph.D.(Glas.)

Senior Research Fellow

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Research interests

Helen Cramer is a NIHR post-doctoral research fellow in the Centre for Academic Primary Care, School of Social and Community Medicine. Helen has a background in social and medical anthropology and continues her interest in anthropological methods (e.g. ethnography) and health related qualitative research.  Helen is currently involved in several studies: a feasibility study of a consultant-level intervention for frequent attenders with clinically unexplicable symptoms in primary care; a qualitative study looking at the impact of incontinence on young people; a qualitative longitiudnal study looking at the relationship between depression and anxiety with new onset chest pain patients; a multi-site ethnographic study of NSTEMI heart attack care; and a systematic review of case management in patients with heart failure.  Helen is also a part-time Researcher in Residence at Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group, a role which aims to bring the worlds of commissioning and research closer together.   


Previous studies have included: an ethnographic pilot study in chest pain clinics to support an intervention to improve clinical decision-making in the diagnosis of angina; a pilot study for a randomised controlled trial of group cognitive behavioural therapy for women with mild to moderate depression; a project looking at whether depressed men would find group support acceptable; an ethnographic study examining advice giving about complementary and alternative medicines over-the-counter in pharmacies and health shops; a national survey of short breaks (respite care) for disabled children; a qualitative study of appetite loss after oesophageal surgery; and a focus group study on adolescent body image.  Helen’s PhD was an ethnographic study of the gendered nature of homelessness.

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