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Dr I M WatsonM.Sc.(Leic.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)

Reader in Natural Hazards

Matthew Watson

Dr I M WatsonM.Sc.(Leic.), Ph.D.(Cantab.)

Reader in Natural Hazards

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Research interests

My research involves inversion of remotely-sensed data to retrieve physical parameters of volcanic plumes and clouds over several spatial scales, using both ground- and satellite-based techniques. These include ultraviolet (DOAS) and thermal infrared (ASTER) gas spectroscopy, and visible, near infrared (Sun-photometers) and thermal infrared aerosol retrievals (MODIS, AIRS).

My current research includes investigation of SO­2 and SO4­2- retrievals, generation of an aerosol forward model, atmospheric correction of ash retrievals; spectrally independent calibration of SO2 retrievals using TOMS, ASTER, MODIS and AIRS, and the use of the ASTER, MODIS and AIRS in the retrieval of volcanic SO2, SO4­2-, and silicate ash burdens.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Cabot Institute Natural Hazards and Disasters Research
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research

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Wills Memorial Building
Queens Road
United Kingdom

Selected research outputs

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    Stratospheric aerosol particles and solar radiation management

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