Dr Iheoma C Nwuzor

PhD, MSc, BEng

  • BS8 1TR

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Research interests

Dr. Iheoma Nwuzor is a Polymer Scientist/Chemist and currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate with NEXTCOMP, School of Civil, Aerospace and Design Engineering.

Her research focus is on the discovery of sustainable composite materials, with emphasis on materials synthesis, functionalization, characterization and application for the actualization of the sustainable development goals (SDGs). She aims to explore novel materials and cutting-edge production methods of the next generation of polymers and fibre composites. She targets to develop unique polymer formulations that possess high-performance with the incorporation of nano-fillers, additives and reinforcement fibres with improved mechanical properties (strength and stiffness), durability, thermal and chemical properties for use in a variety of industries; including the aerospace, automotive and biomedical fields.

To enhance the material's performance and modify its qualities for particular applications, she explores the molecular interactions, investigate state-of-the-art fabrication techniques such as layer-by-layer assembly, electrospinning and 3D printing to produce complex fibre composite structures with precise microarchitectures. This research focus aids in the creation of strong and light materials that can survive harsh environments, use of less energy and improved sustainability across a variety of industries.

She intends to address practical problems, develop materials science and push the limits of whatever is feasible with polymers and fibre composites in the upcoming wave of technological advancements by working with interdisciplinary teams.

Current research

Her role as a Research Associate with NEXTCOMP in the University of Bristol is to improve the compression strength of composites through fibre reinforcement for use in aerospace.


  • Polymer/material chemistry
  • Polymer synthesis
  • Polymer composites
  • Composite material sustainability
  • Functionalization
  • Modification and characterization
  • Polymer degradation and life cycle assessment


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