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Ms Irene Malmierca Vallet

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Irene Malmierca Vallet

Ms Irene Malmierca Vallet

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Research interests

My research interests focus primarily on climate dynamics and icesheet-climate interactions. My current research is to understand changes in the Greenland ice sheet and climate during the Last Interglacial. 

The last interglacial (LIG) period lasted from 130±1 to 116±1 thousand years ago (ka). This period offers an ideal opportunity to evaluate climate models used in analysing how Earth’s future climate will change.

During the LIG, the Artic climate was warmer than present and the global mean sea level was at least five metres higher than today (IPCC, 2013). It is though that ice sheet loss was a main driver of the LIG sea level high stand. Recent estimates of the ice loss from Greenland range from +1m up to about +3.8 m (global sea level equivalent) (Helsen et al., 2013 and Stone et al., 2013). NEEM community members (2013) have recently indicated a LIG Greenland warming of 8ºC compared to the past millennium. However, Helsen et al. (2013) have stated that none of the models of the LIG Greenland ice sheet, which show a realistic ice volume, can be reconciled with this maximum warming of 8ºC. Thus, the main objective of my PhD project is to reconcile this disagreement, thereby also contributing to evaluate the sensitivity of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets to the future warming.

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