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Dr Jacopo Martire has joined the University of Bristol Law School in January 2018, having previously held teaching positions at the University of Stirling, Manchester University, and King’s College London. At the University of Bristol, Dr Martire is Senior Lecturer in Legal Theory and Deputy LLM Director, and he teaches Jurisprudence, Law and State, European Union Law, and Social and Legal Theory. Dr Martire’s main area of research is in legal and political theory with a specific focus on a reconstruction of the fundamental ideological structures of modern law in the light of Michel Foucault’s theories. Currently, Dr Martire is also developing his research in three directions. First, he is exploring the question of the “Other” in its politico-philosophical declension, and in particular in relation to EU law. To this end he is embarking in a book-lenght project on the constitutional and political crisis of the EU seen through the lenses of Roberto Esposito’s immunitary theory. Second, he is examining the 'underbellly of law' by investigating the aporias and paradoxes of the modern legal discourse through the medium of cinema and literature. Third, he is analysing the interrelation between law and new forms of technoregulation, scrutinising how technological advancements (especially in the field of automation and algorithmic governance) challenge the classical legal model of ‘command and control’ and the legal-political assumptions linked to it. In spring term 2022 he will be based in NYC, USA, as Emil Noël Fellow at NYU. 

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  • Centre for European and Public Law


  • Foucault
  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal Theory
  • Law and Literature
  • EU Law
  • Law and Technology


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