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Dr Julia PaulsonBA, MSc, DPhil

Associate Professor in Education, Peace and Conflict

Julia Paulson

Dr Julia PaulsonBA, MSc, DPhil

Associate Professor in Education, Peace and Conflict

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Research interests

My research focuses on education, peace and conflict. I work to understand the ways in which educational transformation and change might contribute towards peace and justice by understanding and seeking to repair past injustices. My research focuses on relationships between education and transitional justice, education and memory production, and education about difficult pasts. I am interested in knowledge production and the ethics of collaborative research in education in emergencies.

My current collaborative projects include:

  • Transformative History Education: A GW4 funded project, which works to conceptualise education as a site of memory production and to explore creative practices or teaching and learning about the violent past inside and outside the classroom in Cambodia, Colombia, Iraq and Uganda.

  • MEMPAZ: An AHRC/Newton/Colciencias project which works with partners in Colombia to connect creative community-based memory initiatives with national level transitional justice processes like the truth commission and education sector.

  • Transitional justice as education: An AHRC funded project which works with the Colombian truth commission to support its work as a feminist, pedagogical truth commission working in politically charged context.

  • Teaching peace in a charged landscape: A Spencer funded project which explores the ways in which Bogotá schools and students engage with peace education policy and displacement, including integrating children whose families arrived in Bogotá due to Colombia’s conflict or due to the crisis in Venezuela.

I am the editor of the books Education and Reconciliation (Bloomsbury, 2011) and Education, Conflict and Development (Symposium, 2011) as well author of journal articles and book chapters on the themes described above. I am a member of the Editorial Boards of Comparative Education and Research in International and Comparative Education. I have done research consultancy work for ICTJ, INEE, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNEVOC and the World Bank.

In the School of Education at the University of Bristol, I am the Director of Undergraduate Programmes and the Course Director for the BSc in Education Studies. I am a Deputy Director of the Centre Comparative and International Research in Education and teach on the Masters in Policy and International Development. I welcome expressions of interest from prospective PhD students with projects linked to the research interests above.

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