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Professor Kelvyn JonesFBA, FLSW, FAcSS, CGeogs, PhD, BSc

Emeritus Professor

Research interests

My most highly cited journal papers can be found here: ISI; while additionally books and book chapters can be found here: Google Scholar. I am in the process of putting all my publications so that they are downloadable (where allowed) from ResearchGate.

I research in three main areas

  • Geography of health: here are I am concerned with geographical inequalities in mortality in advanced economies; I have been following the HALS cohort of 9003 individuals since 1985 and examining the nature of place effects, particularly the mortality of 'poor people in poor places'; a series of review papers (in Progress in Human Geography) and a number of empirical papers (eg in Social Science and Medicine) were influential in initiating a wide ranging debate on the meaning of place effects in health; on a broader front, a book that I co-authored ( Health, Disease and Society) is widely credited withhelping to re-fashioning the sub-discipline of 'medical geography' into the 'geography of health';

  • Realistically complex modelling: this research work focuses on the quantitative analysis of social-science data with complex structure particularly when there are many levels of analysis. Thus, we can have repeated measures (at level 1) on individuals (at level 2) nested with households (level 3), nested within neighbourhoods (level 4). This is the work that I am currently best known for. I have a long association with the Centre for Multilevel Modelling; and I am currently the joint Director of the Centre. My distinctive contribution has been to apply these multilevel models in novel ways, quite widely in the social sciences so in addition to publishing in top journals in geography (eg Economic Geography, Geographical Analysis) there are papers in social medicine (British Medical Journal, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health), on mental health (British Journal of Psychiatry, American Journal of Epidemiology), and in political science (American Journal of Political Science, British Journal of Political Science), as well is in journals that focus on methodology (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society). In this conxtet I regularly use and teach the MLwiN software and I have contributed to the recent manual.

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Postal address:
University Road
United Kingdom

Selected research outputs

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    The Practice of Quantitative Methods, Chapter 23

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    Revisiting Robinson: The perils of individualistic and ecologic fallacy

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    Multilevel modelling of social segregation

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