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I am currently pursuing my PhD through the China Scholarship Council, under the supervision of Prof. Robert Bickers and Dr. Daniel Haines. My research focuses on the Canton trade with East India Company in the nineteenth century, especially emphasizing on the construction and maintenance of credit and trust in the process of trade. This project draws upon imperial and global context to discuss cross-cultural communication and trade, and how the institutions of treaty ports interacted with merchants and their trade. 

After studying for my BA at Zhejiang University, I was awarded my MA at Sun Yat-sen University where I wrote a thesis on Chinese children's toys in the 1920s-1930s. I have worked as a research assistant on public history in Zhejiang University for three years, and have a strong interest also in oral history.

My research interests include economic and cultural history of cross-cultural trade in treaty ports of China. I am also interested in public history, especially oral history and documentary films.


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