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  • Early Release Science of the exoplanet WASP-39b with JWST NIRSpec G395H

    Alderson, L., Wakeford, H. R., Alam, M. K., Batalha, N. E., Lothringer, J. D., Redai, J. A., Barat, S., Brande, J., Damiano, M., Daylan, T., Espinoza, N., Flagg, L., Goyal, J. M., Grant, D., Hu, R., Inglis, J., Lee, E. K. H., Mikal-Evans, T., Ramos-Rosado, L., Roy, P-A., & 71 othersWallack, N. L., Batalha, N. M., Bean, J. L., Benneke, B., Berta-Thompson, Z. K., Carter, A. L., Changeat, Q., Colón, K. D., Crossfield, I. J. M., Désert, J-M., Foreman-Mackey, D., Gibson, N. P., Kreidberg, L., Line, M. R., López-Morales, M., Molaverdikhani, K., Moran, S. E., Morello, G., Moses, J. I., Mukherjee, S., Schlawin, E., Sing, D. K., Stevenson, K. B., Taylor, J., Aggarwal, K., Ahrer, E-M., Allen, N. H., Barstow, J. K., Bell, T. J., Blecic, J., Casewell, S. L., Chubb, K. L., Crouzet, N., Cubillos, P. E., Decin, L., Feinstein, A. D., Fortney, J. J., Harrington, J., Heng, K., Iro, N., Kempton, E. M-R., Kirk, J., Knutson, H. A., Krick, J., Leconte, J., Lendl, M., MacDonald, R. J., Mancini, L., Mansfield, M., May, E. M., Mayne, N. J., Miguel, Y., Nikolov, N. K., Ohno, K., Palle, E., Parmentier, V., Roche, D. J. M. P. D. D. L., Piaulet, C., Powell, D., Rackham, B. V., Redfield, S., Rogers, L. K., Rustamkulov, Z., Tan, X., Tremblin, P., Tsai, S-M., Turner, J. D., Val-Borro, M. D., Venot, O., Welbanks, L. & Wheatley, P. J., 23 Feb 2023, In: Nature. 614, 7949, p. 664-669 6 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

    Open Access
    91 Citations (Scopus)
  • A comprehensive analysis of WASP-17b’s transmission spectrum from space-based observations

    Alderson, L., Wakeford, H. R., MacDonald, R. J., Lewis, N. K., May, E. M., Grant, D., Sing, D. K., Stevenson, K. B., Fowler, J., Goyal, J., Batalha, N. E. & Kataria, T., 6 Apr 2022, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 512, 3, p. 4185-4209 25 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle (Academic Journal)peer-review

    Open Access
    13 Citations (Scopus)
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  • JWST COMPASS: NIRSpec/G395H Transmission Observations of the Super-Earth TOI-836b

    Alderson, L. (Creator), Batalha, N. E. (Creator), Wakeford, H. R. (Creator), Wallack, N. L. (Creator), Aguichine, A. (Creator), Teske, J. (Creator), Adams Redai, J. (Creator), Alam, M. K. (Creator), Batalha, N. M. (Creator), Gao, P. (Creator), Kirk, J. (Creator), Lopez-Morales, M. (Creator), Moran, S. E. (Creator), Scarsdale, N. (Creator), Wogan, N. F. (Creator) & Wolfgang, A. (Creator), Zenodo, 2024


  • JWST-TST DREAMS: Quartz Clouds in the Atmosphere of WASP-17b

    Grant, D. (Creator), Lewis, N. K. (Creator), Wakeford, H. R. (Creator), Batalha, N. E. (Creator), Glidden, A. (Creator), Goyal, J. (Creator), Mullens, E. (Creator), MacDonald, R. J. (Creator), May, E. M. (Creator), Seager, S. (Creator), Stevenson, K. B. (Creator), Valenti, J. A. (Creator), Visscher, C. (Creator), Alderson, L. (Creator), Allen, N. H. (Creator), Cañas, C. I. (Creator), Colón, K. (Creator), Clampin, M. (Creator), Espinoza, N. (Creator), Gressier, A. (Creator), Huang, J. (Creator), Lin, Z. (Creator), Long, D. (Creator), Louie, D. R. (Creator), Peña-Guerrero, M. (Creator), Ranjan, S. (Creator), Sotzen, K. S. (Creator), Valentine, D. (Creator), Anderson, J. (Creator), Balmer, W. O. (Creator), Bellini, A. (Creator), Hoch, K. K. W. (Creator), Kammerer, J. (Creator), Libralato, M. (Creator), Mountain, C. M. (Creator), Perrin, M. D. (Creator), Pueyo, L. (Creator), Rickman, E. (Creator), Rebollido, I. (Creator), Sohn, S. T. (Creator), Marel, R. P. V. D. (Creator) & Watkins, L. L. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023


  • Double Trouble (GJ 1132b JWST Transits NIRSpec G395H) — Supplementary Material

    May, E. M. (Creator), MacDonald, R. J. (Creator), Bennett, K. A. (Creator), Moran, S. E. (Creator), Wakeford, H. R. (Creator), Peacock, S. (Creator), Lustig-Yaeger, J. (Creator), Highland, A. N. (Creator), Stevenson, K. B. (Creator), Sing, D. K. (Creator), Mayorga, L. C. (Creator), Batalha, N. E. (Creator), Kirk, J. (Creator), López-Morales, M. (Creator), Valenti, J. A. (Creator), Alam, M. K. (Creator), Alderson, L. (Creator), Fu, G. (Creator), Gonzalez-Quiles, J. (Creator), Lothringer, J. D. (Creator), Rustamkulov, Z. (Creator) & Sotzen, K. S. (Creator), Zenodo, 2023