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Dr Lilly LiuBSc(Beijing), PhD


Dong Liu

Dr Lilly LiuBSc(Beijing), PhD


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Academic visitor, Univ Oxford, University of Oxford

1 Jul 201830 Jun 2019

Research Affiliate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

1 Oct 201530 Sep 2019

Research interests

Materials with multiple length-scale structures are a fascinating yet critical class of material that have characteristic dimensions spanning from nano- to macro-scales. These materials have enormous potential for future use as they can display unique properties such as combinations of strength and toughness at ambient to elevated temperatures. Mechanistic understanding of the failure mechanisms in these materials at operating temperature is vital to assure the integrity of these components, from the safe operation of nuclear reactors to the extended protection of turbine blades in aero jet engines and land-based gas turbines.

My current research focuses on the microstructural characterisation and mechanical testing (strength, damage and fracture including single mode and mixed-mode fracture) on a range of energy materials at multiple length-scales (micro-, meso- and macro-scale), and under extreme conditions such as energetic ions, neutron/proton irradiation and at elevated temperatures above 1000C. The materials of interest include nuclear graphite, ceramic matrix composites, TRISO fuel, MAX-phase ceramics, environmental and thermal barrier coatings, nano-structured steels and GaN-diamond heterogenously integrated materials for high-power RF devices. 

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Postal address:
HH Wills Physics Laboratory
Tyndall Avenue
United Kingdom