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Dr Lindsey A AskinMA Hons, PGCE, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Jewish Studies

Lindsey Askin

Dr Lindsey A AskinMA Hons, PGCE, MA, PhD

Lecturer in Jewish Studies

Member of

Research interests

My specialization is in Hebrew Bible and Judaism (6th c. BCE through late antiquity), broadly speaking, using social-historical, philological, and literary perspectives. In particular I am interested in: social-historical analysis of biblical and post-biblical texts; medicine, illness, and healing in ancient Israel, early Judaism, and rabbinic Judaism; material aspects of reading and writing in Judaism and early Christianity (up to 400 CE); material and literary culture of daily life and domestic space; scribal culture in Ancient Israel and Second Temple Judaism (520 BCE - 70 CE); Hellenization in ancient Judaism and Greek-Jewish literature; literacy, wisdom, and education in Ancient Israel and Second Temple Judaism; literacy in the Dead Sea Scrolls community at Qumran; quotation and allusion in early Jewish and Christian texts; manuscript studies.

My current research endeavours include a project on medicine in the Hebrew Bible and a study on the Book of Jubilees. I have also published on scribal culture and literacy, the Book of Ben Sira (also known as Sirach or Ecclesiasticus), the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Book of Jubilees, and ancient Jewish medicine.

Teaching and Supervising

I teach several units on Hebrew Bible and Judaism. I also contribute to team-taught units Living Religions West and Issues in the Study of Religion.

I am able to supervise MA or PhD students who wish to work in any area related to the research topics listed above.


Prior to Bristol, I was the editorial assistant for the Journal of Theological Studies (2016-18), an honorary research associate at the University of Exeter (2017-18), and a visiting postdoctoral Polonsky fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew & Jewish Studies, University of Oxford (spring 2016).

I completed my PhD at the University of Cambridge (Queens' College, 2012-16) under the supervision of Dr James K. Aitken. At Cambridge I also supervised/taught Hebrew and Old Testament. I completed an MA in Biblical Studies, working with Professor Robert (C.T.R.) Hayward, at Durham University (Hild-Bede, 2011-12). I did a postgraduate certificate in theory of education (Durham, 2010-11) in Religious Education at secondary level. For my undergraduate, I read Divinity at the University of Edinburgh (MA Honours, 2006-10).

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Postal address:
3 Woodland Road
United Kingdom