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Dr Luis Vaquero GonzalezPhD, PhD

Reader in Computer Science

Luis Vaquero Gonzalez

Dr Luis Vaquero GonzalezPhD, PhD

Reader in Computer Science

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External positions

Senior Principal Data Scientist, Dyson Technology Ltd.

30 Jun 2004 → …

Business Strategy Advisor, Stealth mode startup in the fintech space

Research interests

My research interests are around distributed systems mainly. I have been applying large scale techniques to cloud and big data eng tools for the industry for the last 15 years (Telefonica, HP, HPE, Dyson, and a couple of startups).
We built large data analysis engines in the cloud for a variety of companies and also in-house solutions. As a byproduct of building data systems, I love to play with graph analytics in social science problems or medicine (did one of my MScs and PhDs in this area).  One of our customers had 30000 databases they wanted to consolidate and migrate to the cloud!
My main research interest at the moment is in the application of machine learning to optimise configuration and management of big data systems. Also, exploring new cloud architectures to scale data analytics (e.g. ML on serverless).
As a subset of this bigger problem, I am also interested in the interplay between big data in the mobile edge and SDN/NFV. 
Also, I am getting more involved in remote memory architectures (including NVM fabrics) for edge computing and serverless edges.  
Software testing, toy cars, and pricing strategies are some of my research hobbies.

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Merchant Venturers Building
Woodland Road
United Kingdom