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Margaret Condon specialises on the reign of Henry VII and has been a researcher on The Cabot Project since July 2009.  Much of her early work precedes the digital age and was published in multi-authored books, or journals such The Ricardian that have only recently been made available in digital format.  A secondary interest is the medieval and early modern Exchequer.  Summaries of this work are in the public domain, but available only in typescript.  Current activity falls under four heads:

  • Bristol's fifteenth-sixteenth century exploration voyages. As a founder member of the Cabot Project, of which Dr. Evan T. Jones is Project Director, she has collaborated in the writing of several articles in the field.  She is currently writing a major book on this subject in collaboration with Dr. Jones.

  • Bristol’s trade in the fifteenth century.  She has transcribed almost all the extant customs accounts for the port of Bristol from 1445 to the end of the fifteenth century. The transcripts include several newly discovered accounts identified by her in the course of research for the Cabot Project.  The accounts are being published as Excel spreadsheets on Bristol University websites, accompanied by introductions co-authored in association with Dr. Jones.  The introductions include political analysis and prosopographical detail as well as the economic overview most often associated with the source.  Digital publication is on-going. It is envisaged that a hard copy edition of all the accounts, co-authored with Dr. Jones, will be produced in due course.

  • Itinerary of Henry VII.  At a very early stage of post-graduate research she compiled an Itinerary of Henry VII, covering the entire reign.  This is currently being substantially revised and checked with a view to publication.

  • Tudor Chamber Books 1485-1521. Between 2017 and 2019 she was a Project Researcher on the Kingship, Court and Society Project, hosted by the University of Winchester.  Research outputs are on-going.  


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The items below are all co-authored with Dr. Evan T. Jones.  Items in these series published before 2010 are sole-authored by Dr. Jones

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Visiting Fellow (Research), University of Winchester

16 Sept 201915 Sept 2022


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