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Mx Marta Zaher

Doctor of Philosophy Student

Marta Zaher

Mx Marta Zaher

Doctor of Philosophy Student

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Parareptiles are a diverse group of basal reptiles which appeared in the Early Permian and died out before the end of the Triassic. They were mostly terrestrial, but one clade, mesosaurs, were aquatic. 

My research will mostly be focused on two largest groups, pareiasaurs and procolophonids, of which latter were the only group of parareptiles to survive the Perm-Triassic extinction event. Pareiasaurs were medium- to large-sized and heavy built, whereas procolophonids were much smaller and somewhat lizard-like. Both groups were major components of their ecosystems at different points, but different dietary preferences have been suggested for these animals, including herbivory, omnivory and insectivory.

In my research, I will be using digital modelling and engineering approaches (finite-element analysis) to explore a full range of cranial morphology in these animals to determine the most probable ecomorphological functional dietary categories of various pareiasaurs and procolophonids, which will shed light on their role in the respective past ecosystems. This will help us make a better understanding of Permian and Triassic tetrapod communities, which are important examples of a pre- and post-extinction event faunas.

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