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Research Interests

My main area of research is Ancient Greek culture with a particular focus on the relationship between literature and art from the archaic to the Hellenistic period. I am also interested in cross-cultural studies, migration studies, on the relationship between myth and society, and on how myth was used as an instrument of cultural policy. 

My PhD research, which was supervised by Prof. Patrick Finglass and Dr Lyndsay Coo, focussed on the Telephus myth, as portrayed in Greek epic, elegy, lyric, tragedy, and comedy, and also in iconography, of the archaic, classical and Hellenistic periods (c. 800-400 BC). The myth, collateral to the Iliad, exercised a fascination on the Greeks because it is rich in themes central to Greek culture, evoking as it does ideas of supplication, incurable disease, child abandonment, repeated escape from disaster, and the malleability of friendship and enmity. Nevertheless, no full-scale narrative handling of the myth as come down to us, many of those that have survived are fragmentary. In my research I examined the use of the myth across different authors, investigating connections between literary and iconographical representations of the myth at the same time.

Furthermore, I am interested in the connections between the mythical world as described in the Homeric poems and the literary and artistic production, which reflects a new and different approach to the mythical past.

Moreover, because of my research I also engage frequently with papyrology, especially in connection with lyric poetry and fragmentary tragedy, and with the reception of Greek tragedy in Roman archaic tragedy, a subject that fascinates me and which I plan to investigate more in the future.



I got my BA in Letters and Humanities at the University of Genoa, where I was first introduced to Greek fragmentary tragedy: incidentally, my undergraduate thesis, supervised by Prof. Franco Montanari, was a commented catalogue of tragic fragments involving the chatacter of Achilles. After that I moved to the University of Pisa, where I graduated summa cum laude in Classical Philology and Ancient History, under the supervision of Prof. Enrico Medda. During my MA I spent three months at the University of Nottingham as an Erasmus trainee. Afterwards, I enrolled for a second MA in Archaeology at the University of Genoa. I graduated summa cum laude under the supervision of Prof. Bianca Maria Giannattasio; my thesis was primarily focussed on iconography and iconology in Ancient Greek pottery.



I have long been participating and organising conferences, workshops, and seminars both for a specialised audience and for the wider public. I have also been involved with the Bristol Classics Hub, planning and delivering masterclasses for primary and secondary school. In 2021, I have had the pleasure to be interviewed by the Hardcore Humanities Podcast.


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