Dr Maryam Afzal

PhD(Cardiff), BSc (Glam.)(Hons)

  • BS1 3NY


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Response to First Course of Intensified Immunosuppression in Genetically-Stratified Steroid Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome

Mason, A., Sen, E. S., Bierzynska, A., Colby, E., Afzal, M., Dorval, G., Koziell, A., Williams, M., Boyer, O., Welsh, G. I. & Saleem, M., 21 Apr 2020, In : Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. CJN.13371019.

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    Telomerecat: A ploidy-agnostic method for estimating telomere length from whole genome sequencing data

    Farmery, J. H. R., Smith, M. L., Huissoon, A., Furnell, A., Mead, A., Levine, A. P., Manzur, A., Thrasher, A., Greenhalgh, A., Parker, A., Sanchis-Juan, A., Richter, A., Gardham, A., Lawrie, A., Sohal, A., Creaser-Myers, A., Frary, A., Greinacher, A., Themistocleous, A., Peacock, A. J. & 329 others, Marshall, A., Mumford, A., Rice, A., Webster, A., Brady, A., Koziell, A., Manson, A., Chandra, A., Hensiek, A., Veld, A. H. I. T., Maw, A., Kelly, A. M., Moore, A., Vonk Noordegraaf, A., Attwood, A., Herwadkar, A., Ghofrani, A., Houweling, A. C., Girerd, B., Furie, B., Treacy, C. M., Millar, C. M., Sewell, C., Roughley, C., Titterton, C., Williamson, C., Hadinnapola, C., Deshpande, C., Toh, C. H., Bacchelli, C., Patch, C., Geet, C. V., Babbs, C., Bryson, C., Penkett, C. J., Rhodes, C. J., Watt, C., Bethune, C., Booth, C., Lentaigne, C., McJannet, C., Church, C., French, C., Samarghitean, C., Halmagyi, C., Gale, D., Greene, D., Hart, D., Allsup, D., Bennett, D., Edgar, D., Kiely, D. G., Gosal, D., Perry, D. J., Keeling, D., Montani, D., Shipley, D., Whitehorn, D., Fletcher, D., Krishnakumar, D., Grozeva, D., Kumararatne, D., Thompson, D., Josifova, D., Maher, E., Wong, E. K. S., Murphy, E., Dewhurst, E., Louka, E., Rosser, E., Chalmers, E., Colby, E., Drewe, E., McDermott, E., Thomas, E., Staples, E., Clement, E., Matthews, E., Wakeling, E., Oksenhendler, E., Turro, E., Reid, E., Wassmer, E., Raymond, F. L., Hu, F., Kennedy, F., Soubrier, F., Flinter, F., Kovacs, G., Polwarth, G., Ambegaonkar, G., Arno, G., Hudson, G., Woods, G., Coghlan, G., Hayman, G., Arumugakani, G., Schotte, G., Cook, H. T., Alachkar, H., Lango-Allen, H., Lango-Allen, H., Stark, H., Stauss, H., Schulze, H., Boggard, H. J., Baxendale, H., Dolling, H., Firth, H., Gall, H., Watson, H., Longhurst, H., Markus, H. S., Watkins, H., Simeoni, I., Emmerson, I., Roberts, I., Quinti, I., Wanjiku, I., Gibbs, J. S. R., Thaventhiran, J., Whitworth, J., Hurst, J., Collins, J., Suntharalingam, J., Payne, J., Thachil, J., Martin, J. M., Carmichael, J., Maimaris, J., Paterson, J., Pepke-Zaba, J., Heemskerk, J. W. M., Gebhart, J., Davis, J., Pasi, J., Bradley, J. R., Wharton, J., Stephens, J., Rankin, J., Anderson, J., Vogt, J., Von Ziegenweldt, J., Rehnstrom, K., Megy, K., Talks, K., Peerlinck, K., Yates, K., Freson, K., Stirrups, K., Gomez, K., Smith, K. G. C., Rue-Albrecht, K., Gilmour, K., Masati, L., Scelsi, L., Southgate, L., Ranganathan, L., Ginsberg, L., Devlin, L., Willcocks, L., Ormondroyd, L., Lorenzo, L., Harper, L., Allen, L., Daugherty, L., Chitre, M., Kurian, M., Humbert, M., Tischkowitz, M., Bitner-Glindzicz, M., Erwood, M., Scully, M., Veltman, M., Caulfield, M., Layton, M., McCarthy, M., Ponsford, M., Toshner, M., Bleda, M., Wilkins, M., Mathias, M., Reilly, M., Afzal, M., Brown, M., Rondina, M., Stubbs, M., Haimel, M., Lees, M., Laffan, M. A., Browning, M., Gattens, M., Richards, M., Michaelides, M., Lambert, M. P., Makris, M., De Vries, M., Mahdi-Rogers, M., Saleem, M., Thomas, M., Holder, M., Eyries, M., Clements-Brod, N., Canham, N., Dormand, N., Zuydam, N. V., Kingston, N., Ghali, N., Cooper, N., Morrell, N. W., Yeatman, N., Roy, N., Shamardina, O., Alavijeh, O. S., Gresele, P., Nurden, P., Chinnery, P., Deegan, P., Yong, P., Man, P. Y. W., Corris, P. A., Calleja, P., Gissen, P., Bolton-Maggs, P., Rayner-Matthews, P., Ghataorhe, P. K., Gordins, P., Stein, P., Collins, P., Dixon, P., Kelleher, P., Ancliff, P., Yu, P., Tait, R. C., Linger, R., Doffinger, R., Machado, R., Kazmi, R., Sargur, R., Favier, R., Tan, R., Liesner, R., Antrobus, R., Sandford, R., Scott, R., Trembath, R., Horvath, R., Hadden, R., Mackenzieross, R. V., Henderson, R., MacLaren, R., James, R., Ghurye, R., Dacosta, R., Hague, R., Mapeta, R., Armstrong, R., Noorani, S., Murng, S., Santra, S., Tuna, S., Johnson, S., Chong, S., Lear, S., Walker, S., Goddard, S., Mangles, S., Westbury, S., Mehta, S., Hackett, S., Nejentsev, S., Moledina, S., Bibi, S., Meehan, S., Othman, S., Revel-Vilk, S., Holden, S., McGowan, S., Staines, S., Savic, S., Burns, S., Grigoriadou, S., Papadia, S., Ashford, S., Schulman, S., Ali, S., Park, S. M., Davies, S., Stock, S., Ali, S., Deevi, S. V. V., Gräf, S., Ghio, S., Wort, S. J., Jolles, S., Austin, S., Welch, S., Meacham, S., Rankin, S., Walker, S., Seneviratne, S., Holder, S., Sivapalaratnam, S., Richardson, S., Kuijpers, T. W., Kuijpers, T. W., Bariana, T. K., Bakchoul, T., Everington, T., Renton, T., Young, T., Aitman, T., Warner, T. Q., Vale, T., Hammerton, T., Pollock, V., Matser, V., Cookson, V., Clowes, V., Qasim, W., Wei, W., Erber, W. N., Ouwehand, W. H., Astle, W., Egner, W., Turek, W., Henskens, Y., Tan, Y. & Lynch, A. G., 22 Jan 2018, In : Scientific Reports. 8, 1300.

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    International validation of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer QLQ-BRECON23 quality-of-life questionnaire for women undergoing breast reconstruction

    Winters, Z. E., Afzal, M., Rutherford, C., Holzner, B., Rumpold, G., da Costa Vieira, R. A., Hartup, S., Flitcroft, K., Bjelic-Radisic, V., Oberguggenburger, A., Panouilleres, M., Mani, M., Catanuto, G., Douek, M., Kokan, J., Sinai, P. & King, M. T., 8 Nov 2017, In : British Journal of Surgery.

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