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Dr Matthew P O'DonnellPhD, MSc, BSc

Lecturer, Research Fellow

Research interests

My recent research has looked at the potential of non-symmetric composite laminates to improve structural performance in geometrically non-symmetrical structures, such as stringer run-outs. I have been involved with the HiPerDuCT program to investigate the non-linear responses of hierarchical helical lattice systems coupled with restraints in order to produce pseudo-ductile behaviour.

My current focus has been developing novel computational analysis techniques in order to improve the efficiency of semi-analytical approaches to composite optimisation for variable stiffness plates. I developed a triple-product approach using Legendre polynomials that is an order of magnitude faster than traditional quadrature. In addition, I have also been investigating the potential to use heated vasucles to control thermal gradients to improve cure quality in thick composite components.


Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Engineering Education Research Group
  • ACCIS Core Team

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Postal address:
Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS)
University of Bristol
Queen's Building
University Walk
United Kingdom