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Dr Medhavi VishwakarmaPhD, MSc, BSc

Research Associate

Medhavi Vishwakarma

Dr Medhavi VishwakarmaPhD, MSc, BSc

Research Associate

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External positions

Investigator, Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Guest Scientist , Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research

Research interests

Cooperation and conflict management in epithelium

Cells reside within our body as structured communities governed by rules enforcing cooperative behaviour in order to regulate functionality of organs. Mutations often give rise to corrupted individuals and bring conflict in cellular society wherein mutated cells compete with healthy cells for space and survival- a phenomena known as cell competition, in which winners survive and thrive at the expense of losers. Undoubtedly who wins this competition drive overall health of the organ and can also lead to pathological situations.

I am interested in understanding cooperation and conflict management in epithelial cell communities. Cells within an epithelium are connected with their neighbours with active interactions and often use mechanical signals to communicate. I am studying how cells utilize mechano-transduction to cooperate and also to compete with their neighbours in order to maintain a healthy tissue status.

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Postal address:
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Biomedical Sciences Building
University Walk
United Kingdom