Dr Monique Eleanor Kwachou

BSc, MA, PhD

  • BS8 1TE

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Research interests

Monique Kwachou is a Cameroonian writer, youth worker, researcher and practitioner of gender and education for development. She joined the University of Bristol in early 2023 as Research Associate on the ERC-funded project entitled “Creative Lived of African Universities: Pedagogies of Hope and Despair” where she works alongside Prof Ruth Bush and the rest of the AFRIUNI team in the management of the Cameroonian case study.

Prior to this role, Monique was a postdoctoral research fellow under the SARChI Chair for Higher Education and Human Development and had acquired close to a decade of academic and practitioner experience gleaned from working with a range of employers; from higher education institutions to civil society organizations and international development agencies.

Monique meanders between the roles of creative, academic, and development-practitioner, yet all her work (research and practice) generally centers theory and application of African-feminist thought, education for addressing social injustices, and attaining sustainable development. She holds dual honors BSc. in Gender Studies and Sociology from the University of Buea, an M.A in Education, Gender and International Development from UCL Institute of Education, London, and a Ph.D. in Development Studies from the University of the Free State, South Africa.

Research interests

African feminisms

Critical pedagogy

Cameroonian social development 

Higher education 

Human development

Decolonizing Education 

Participatory Action Research 

Narrative Research 

Digital Storytelling


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