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Nazand Begikhani, MP (DEA), PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Nazand Begikhani

Nazand Begikhani, MP (DEA), PhD

Senior Research Fellow

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External positions

Senior International Adviser on Higher Education & Gender/KR

Mar 2013 → …

Research interests

Nazand Begikhani is a leading researcher on gender-based violence and has conducted research on many aspects of violence and gender relations, including honour-based violence and honour killings in Iraqi Kurdistan Region and inside the UK Kurdish diaspora, rape and sexual violence in Iraq and Syria, domestic violence, and family policy and practice in Kurdistan. She is currently researching gender-based violence and displacement, theorising women and war, sexual violence and slavery in the Middle East, focusing on ISIS war strategies. 

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Postal address:
Social Science Complex
8 Priory Road