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Dr Neil T MatthewsPhD, MA, BA (Hons)

Lecturer in British Politics

Neil Matthews

Dr Neil T MatthewsPhD, MA, BA (Hons)

Lecturer in British Politics

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External positions

Research Fellow, Queen's University

Jan 2015Aug 2016

Research interests

He works primarily on issues around party democracy, including political parties, public opinion, elections and voting behaviour. He has a long-standing interest in political party organisation and intra-party democracy, as well as political gender equality.  

His research expertise is the case study of Northern Ireland, a case on which he has published research on elections, party organisation, political gender equality, power-sharing and the dimensionality of policy space. This research has informed the work of the Northern Ireland Assembly and several interest groups, including the Electoral Reform Society.

He is a regular commentator on Northern irish politics and his research has featured on a wide range of media platforms, including The Conversation, Belfast Telegraph, Irish News and Newsweek.

He has been involved in the collaborative design and analysis of Voter Advice Applications (VAAs) for several elections in Northern Ireland (2014-2017). 

He is a co-investigator on the ESRC-funded project: Out of touch and out of time? A cross-temporal and cross-level analysis of the social and ideological distance between UK voters and political elites (2018-19). 

He is currently undertaking collaborative research on gender and party leadership in Northern Ireland; citizen attitudes to political parties in Northern Ireland; the use of Voting Advice Applications in post-conflict deeply-divided societies.



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Postal address:
11 Priory Road
United Kingdom