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Dr Nicolas LarrosaBSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Structural Integrity

Nicolas Larrosa

Dr Nicolas LarrosaBSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Structural Integrity

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Research interests

I have completed a Mechanical Engineering degree (Argentina, 2005) and a MSc and PhD in microstructural fracture mechanics (Seville, 2012) under the supervision of Prof Alfredo Navarro, a leading academic in the field. My PhD work focused on modelling the effect of the material microstructure and the size and shape of the component on small fatigue crack propagation. After completing my PhD, I was appointed as a Senior Research Associate (RA) in Structural Integrity at The University of Manchester (UoM), where I was supervised by one of the UK’s foremost experts in Structural Integrity, Prof Bob Ainsworth. In this period (June 2013- Sep 2016), I worked and contributed to a number academic projects, funded by the BP (Oil and Gas) and EDF energy (Nuclear), in characterising fracture, fatigue, plastic collapse and corrosion-fatigue (CF) behaviour of high integrity components.

In October 2016 I was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the University of Malaga (Spain) to investigate the use of ultrasonic inspection data in structural integrity assessments, a research work performed in collaboration with University of Manchester.

In March 2017 I was appointed Lecturer in Structural Integrity at the University of Bristol where I am the Unit Director of the Nuclear Reactor Engineering Course for the MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering.

My background is in Structural Engineering, Computational Mechanics and Fracture Mechanics with rich experience in developing and integrating novel modelling capabilities with mechanistic-based damage models for structural integrity and life assessments

My goal is to identify and isolate the hidden but fundamental causes of damage mechanisms and to do research by engaging with the structural integrity community effectively, as demonstrated in the number of publications I have co-authored with researchers from other departments and Universities.  

External Activities:
• “Mind the GAP” in FFS assessment procedures- Organization Committee and facilitator. (Jun. 2014-Present). Manchester (UK).
• The Structural Integrity Course ( Organization Committee and facilitator (Jan. 2016-Present). 

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Room QB0.27
Postal address:
Queen's Building
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United Kingdom

Direct phone: (0) 77 3351 2416