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Professor Nigel P SmartB.Sc.(R'dg), Ph.D.(Kent)

Professor of Cryptology

Nigel Smart

Professor Nigel P SmartB.Sc.(R'dg), Ph.D.(Kent)

Professor of Cryptology

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Research interests

Prof. Smart is best known for his work in elliptic curve cryptography, especially work on the ECDLP. He has also worked on pairing-based cryptography contributing a number of algorithms such as the SK-KEM[8] and the Ate-pairing

Smart carries out research on a wide variety of topics in cryptography. Recently,he has been instrumental in the effort to make secure multiparty computation practical. A few of his works in this direction include.

His work with Gentry and Halevi on performing the first large calculation using Fully Homomomorphic Encryption won the IBM Pat Goldberg Best Paper Award for 2012.

In addition to his three years at HP Laboratories, Smart was a founder of the startup Identum specialising in pairing based cryptography and identity based encryption. This was bought by Trend Micro in 2008. In 2013 he formed, with Yehuda LindellDyadic Security, a company focusing on deploying distributed cryptographic solutions based on multi-party computations. He is also the co-founder, along with Kenny Paterson, of the Real World Cryptography conference series.

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