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Miss Iskra Mejia Estrada

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Iskra Mejia Estrada

Miss Iskra Mejia Estrada

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

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Research interests

Iskra's doctoral project introduces a methodology for the hydrometeorological characterisation of urban flash floods, the largest and costliest events around the world. Her work involves numerical modelling at sub-daily scale, which focuses on the parameterisation of cities to determine the influence of the urban canopy on atmospheric processes and in the response to intense rainfall. It aims to provide information on the capabilities and limitations of the numerical tools involved while identifying how to improve their efficiency and accuracy. It also accounts for the specific layout of a given city (thus potentially transferrable to any urban environment), proposing an advance towards the accurate numerical representation of these events.

Other research interests include urban meteorology and numerical modelling of meso-scale atmospheric processes, due to which her work has been presented in two different divisions of the European Geosciences Union General Assembly (Atmospheric Sciences and Hydrological Sciences), computer programming with hydrological applications and optimisation of Geographic Information System Mapping tools for the analysis of model outputs.

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Cabot Institute Water Research
  • Cabot Institute Natural Hazards and Disasters Research
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research

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United Kingdom