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Dr Paul G MorrisPhD(Cantab.), MRes(Cantab.), BSc(Leeds)

Research Associate

Paul Morris

Dr Paul G MorrisPhD(Cantab.), MRes(Cantab.), BSc(Leeds)

Research Associate

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Visiting Research Fellow, Univ Bath, University of Bath

14 Mar 201813 Mar 2021

Research interests

Part of an international consortium developing low power analogue circuitry which accurately simulates neurophysiological activity. We are using the technology to develop an adaptive cardiorespiratory device for the treatment of arrhythmia and heart failure, implementing state of the art artificial neurons arranged in small networks known as central pattern generators which are able to respond to physiological feedback in real time.

My work involves the characterisation of various neurons within the brain, and particularly medullary neurons within the ventral respiratory column. I use a combination of advanced patch-clamp electrophysiology and high frequency current-clamp protocols along with calcium imaging, targeted pharmacological ion channel inhibition, and subsequent data assimilation into biological and solid-state models. In collaboration with the University of Bath, this feeds into tuning the device for replication of natural neurophysiological behavour, and we are additionally developing tools for easy identification of neuronal subpopulations, and predictive assaying of ion channel activity in living neurons.

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Postal address:
Biomedical Sciences Building
University Walk
United Kingdom