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Dr Peter George MartinBSc, PhD

Research Associate

Peter Martin

Dr Peter George MartinBSc, PhD

Research Associate

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External positions

Associate Member, Royal Society of Chemistry

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Fellow, The Geological Society of London

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Research interests

My research spans a broad spectrum of nuclear materials, radiation detection/characterisation and sensor-based systems. These areas include;

  • The March 2011 incident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) and its effects at both the meter and micron scale. I investigate the evolving distribution of contamination as well as apply novel micro-analysis techniques to isolate and subsequently study tiny fragments of fallout material to reveal important information on the long-term environmental implications of the accident. I am presently a researcher on the current UK-Japan (UK EPSRC - Japan MEXT) study on the occurance and distribution of spent-fuel containing particulate within the environment. 
  • Development of the next-generation of static and dynamic radiation detection and monitoring materials and systems for portal, environmental and emergency monitoring applications.  

In addition to this work on Nuclear Forensics, I have also collaborated on a wide range of materials science projects through the use of the IAC's high-resolution FE-SEM with associated EDS and EBSD instrumentation. 

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Postal address:
David Smith Building
73 St. Michael's Hill
United Kingdom