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Dr Rob MalkinBSc (Nott.Trent), PhD (Bristol)

Senior Research Associate in Non-destructive Defect Characterisation

Rob Malkin

Dr Rob MalkinBSc (Nott.Trent), PhD (Bristol)

Senior Research Associate in Non-destructive Defect Characterisation

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Research interests

I am currently a senior research assistant working on defect characterisation using non-destructive acoustic techniques. I am a member of the Ultrasonics and Non-destructive Testing (UNDT) group working with Prof. Bruce Drinkwater. My work forms part of the Research Centre for Non-Destructive Evaluation. My work involves finite element analysis, inverse modelling and array imaging.

My previous work was looking at acoustic/vibration behaviour of biological systems to see how these systems/structures can inspire us to create next generation technology. I was working with Prof. Daniel Robert.

My doctoral work was based around bio-inspired composite materials and how ceramic biological structures (mostly sea shells) can illuminate a new direction in ductile failure of inherently brittle materials. My supervisor was Prof. Ian Bond.  


Finite Element Analysis

•           Structural mechanics: statics, dynamics, fracture, modal analysis. Non-linear  materials.
•           Acoustics/vibration: frequency & time domain, structural acoustics, fluid-structure interaction.
•           Structural optimisation.
•           Experience: 7 years Comsol, 3 years Abaqus.

Acoustics & Vibration

•           Acoustic field reconstruction using non-contact methods.
•           Vibration monitoring using laser Doppler vibrometry & accelerometry (1D & 3D).
•           Acoustic and mechanical excitation techniques with mm-m sized structures.

Material Science

•           Tensile, compressive, flexural and impact testing.
•           Fracture testing & fractography, with expertise in delamination.
•           Stress analysis.
•           Non-destructive evaluation. 

Software & Data Acquisition

•           Matlab (6 years).
•           Autodesk CAD (3 years).
•           National Instruments – LabView. High frequency data collection and analysis (2 years).
•           MS Office. (10+ years)


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Queen's Building
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United Kingdom