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Currently doing a PhD on women's understandings and experiences of reproductive coercion and related prevention and intervention strategies in England and in Italy, and how they might intersect with different sociocultural factors.


I am researcher (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, UK) interested in how socially constructed gendered roles and norms influence gender power dynamics, hence gender-based violence.
It matters because gender-based violence is not only against human rights, and not only an obstacle towards achieving social sustainability (SDG 5.6), but also unfair and it has detrimental consequences on women and on the whole society.
I have acquired research skills throughout my undergraduate studies in Childhood and my master's studies in Policy Research. Amongst other things, the latter allowed me to acquire knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research methods. My studies have also allowed me to gain a critical understanding of the intersection between different factors that might influence dynamics, understandings, and experiences of gendered-based violence.
I would like to make a difference to women and the entire society. None should decide who he/she wants to be or what she/he wants to do based on their biological sex or their (socially constructed) gender. None should be discriminated against because of their sex or gender.
As a woman who has grown up in a rather conservative environment, as a mother of two little girls, and as a feminist, I really want to make a contribution towards improving gender-related policy and practice. I would like to do this through research (such as my current PhD) and actions, such as campaigns. SDG 5.6 can be achieved if we join our forces. I want to be part of those forces.

Research interests

Poster presenter for the European Conference on Domestic Violence 2023 'Women's Understandings and Experiences of Reproductive Coercion'

Research interests

Research interests

Castiglione, R. (2022) 'COVID-19 AND MATERNAL MENTAL HEALTH', The Open Review, 7, pp. 31-38. Doi: ​

Research interests

Education/Academic qualification

MSc Policy Research

1 Oct 202030 Sept 2021

Award Date: 13 Dec 2021

BSc Childhood

Award Date: 5 Jul 2019

External positions

Casual Research Associate

4 Mar 202426 May 2024

UN Women UK Delegate CSW68, United Nations

2 Feb 2024 → …

Guest Lecturer - Reproductive Coercion and Young People

7 Dec 20228 Dec 2022

Member, Bristol Women's Voice

22 Nov 2022 → …

Year 6 guest lecturer - lecture on gender in/equality and how to challenge traditional socially constructed gendered roles/rules

3 Nov 2022

Acting Unit Convener/Associate Teacher - Youth Sexualities and Gendered Violence

4 Oct 202214 Nov 2022

Member of the Q&As Committee for 'Everything I didn't say' (show about coercive control), The Wardrobe Theatre

24 Apr 202225 Apr 2022

Graduate Teacher Level 2, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol,

25 Jan 2022 → …

Delivering workshops and Q&As on ‘using social media as data’ for undergraduate students

Nov 2021Nov 2022

Graduate Teacher Level 2, School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol

4 Oct 202131 Jan 2022

Structured keywords and research groupings

  • SPAIS Gender Research Centre
  • SPS Centre for Gender and Violence Research


  • MSc Policy Research
  • BSc Childhood
  • Gender & sexuality
  • sexual health
  • reproductive policy
  • reproductive health
  • sexuality education
  • gender studies
  • gender inequality
  • gender roles
  • gender role development
  • reproductive coercion
  • FGM/C
  • qualitative research
  • reflexive thematic analysis


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