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My current research interests are investigating the reliability and efficiency optimization of energy conversion in high voltage power electronics converters used in applications such as HVDC and FACTS power electronics in smart grids, electric vehicles drive-trains and more-electric-aircrafts power distribution to address global warming and climate change. To this end, and in-line with my academic and industrial experience, I am currently seeking to explore prospective converter topologies which can best employ the advantages offered by recently emerged wide bandgap power semiconductor devices. 

Research Group: Electrical Energy Management Group (EEMG)

I am currently the first supervisor (lead) for the following PhD candidates:

  1. Yasin Gunaydin: Analysis of Performance and Reliability of Sub-kV SiC and GaN Cascode Power Electronic Devices


  2. Juefei Yang: Analysis of Dynamic Performance of GaN Power Electronics Devices
  3. Chengjun Shen: Design of gate drivers for high voltage power semiconductor devices
  4. Mana Hosseinzadeh: Performance of Silicon Carbide power MOSFETs in electric vehicles drive-train
  5. Renze Yu: Reliability of Silicon Carbide power MOSFETs in harsh environments

I am currently the co-supervisor for the following PhD candidates:

  1. Trevor Leung: Implementation of Infinity Current Sensor in Active Gate Drives
  2. Qilei Wang: Active Gate Driving for SiC power Devices
  3. Yushi Wang: Enhanced Active Gate Driving for GaN Power Devices

I am currently the co-supervisor for the following MRes candidates:

  1. Sergejs Leonovs: Alleviating Oscillations in GaN power circuits through Active Gate Drive Control and Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization

 I am acting as a PhD Viva Examiner in Electrical Power Engineering.

 PhD Scholarships

Candidates interested in a PhD in Power Electronics may directly email their CV.

Departmental Roles

I am the School's Senior International Tutor.

I am currently the EE department's academic lead for the 'Year-in-Industry' program.

I am also the EE department's careers and employability academic lead.


2021/22 Teaching: Unit director for the Power Electronics, Machines & Drive Technologies and Low Carbon Energy Systems modules.

2020/21 Teaching: Unit director for the Power Electronics, Machines & Drive Technologies module and Contributor to Electro-Mechanical System Design.

2019/20 Teaching: Unit director for the Linear Control Systems and Industrial Electronics 3 modules.

2018/19 Teaching: Unit director for the Linear Control Systems and Industrial Electronics 3 modules.

2020/21 Academic Tutor for the 3rd Year Group Project 

2019/20 Academic Tutor for the 3rd Year Group Project

2021/22 Final Year Research Projects Supervised:

  1. Design and fabrication of low-inductance gate drivers for power transistors
  2. Design & fabrication of step-down converter for high efficiency conversion
  3. Design & fabrication of double-pulse board for evaluation of power transistors
  4. Design & fabrication of test boards to analyse power semiconductor devices
  5. Design & fabrication of step-up power converter for high voltages
  6. Fabrication of unipolar & bipolar drivers for semiconductor devices
  7. Design & fabrication of a low-inductance step-down voltage converter

2020/21 Final Year Research Projects Supervised:

  1. Voltage profile analysis of distribution power systems in presence of distributed generation
  2. Modelling and compensation methods in distribution load flow analysis and voltage profile recovery of renewable sources
  3. Analysis of impact of FACTS equipment in compensation of power systems
  4. Analysis of Faults in AC Systems and impact of HVDC transmission on its characteristics
  5. Load flow analysis in presence of synchronous and induction machines, with different types of cable bundling and generators
  6. Analysis of impact of grid connection of a wind turbine on power quality of a power system
  7. Compensation effects of fixed series and shunt capacitor of reactive power of renewable energy generation
  8. Analysis of parameters of a power network in the presence of a STATCOM and SVC
  9. Analysis of Power Systems Metrics in Presence of HVDC Lines 

2019/20 Final Year Research Projects Supervised:

  1. Evaluation of impact of silicon superjunction MOSFETs on performance of step-down converters
  2. Design of a Buck Converter by means of Silicon Carbide MOSFETs
  3. Design and implementation of gate drivers for improved performance characteristics of power transistors
  4. Investigation of different IGBT technologies for power electronics applications
  5. Analysis of implementation restrictions of Gallium Nitride power devices in power converters

2018/19 Final Year Research Projects Supervised:

  1. Design and fabrication of 230V/5V voltage converter


Structured keywords and research groupings

  • Cabot Institute Low Carbon Energy Research
  • Cabot Institute Environmental Change Research


  • Power Electronics
  • High Voltage
  • Smart Grids
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power
  • Semiconductor
  • Wide Bandgap


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