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Dr Sean HarrisonPhD

Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology

Sean Harrison

Dr Sean HarrisonPhD

Senior Research Associate in Epidemiology

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Research interests

My current work, with Laura Howe and Neil Davies, uses Mendelian Randomization to examine the effect of health conditions and risk factors on socioeonomic outcomes. This work is part of the Health Foundation's project, entitled: "Social and economic consequences of health: causal inference methods and longitudinal, intergenerational data".

The aim of my PhD was to determine if individual characteristics can be identified that are associated both with prostate cancer and PSA. The main analyses included a systematic review with standard and individual participant data meta-analyses, with Mendelian Randomization providing additional information.

I have developed a novel method of synthesising data that can't be meta-analysed - the albatross plot - which has been used in several different contexts.

In the future, I aim to continue using evidence synthesis to answer clinical questions, and to develop automation methods that speed-up the process. 

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Postal address:
Oakfield House
Oakfield Grove
United Kingdom