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Professor Stefan G E RobertsPhD(Sheff.), BSc(Sheff.)

Professor of Cancer Biology

Stefan Roberts

Professor Stefan G E RobertsPhD(Sheff.), BSc(Sheff.)

Professor of Cancer Biology

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Research interests

Group: Gene expression lab

Mechanisms of transcriptional regulation in mammalian cells

Transcription is at the heart of gene expression and is subject to strict control. The aberrant function of transcriptional regulators is associated with many cancers. How transcriptional regulators function is the focus of research in this laboratory. Our studies concern two major project areas;

1. Transcriptional regulation by the Wilms' tumour suppressor protein WT1

The transcriptional regulator WT1 is mutated in the paediatric cancer Wilms' tumour, and has also been linked with many other malignancies including Leukaemia, breast and lung cancer. The mechanism of action of WT1 is complex, having both transcriptional activation and repression activities. We are studying the transcription function of WT1 and how this changes in cancer. We are particularly interested in the WT1 cofactor, BASP1, which converts WT1 from a transcriptional activator to a repressor.

2. Regulation of the general transcription machinery

We are studying the mechanisms by which activator proteins stimulate transcription in mammalian cells. This involves both a biochemical approach and the use of in vivo transcription systems. A crucial function of transcriptional activators is the recruitment of the general transcription factor TFIIB to the promoter and is the subject of research in our laboratory.

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