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Dr Tilo Burghardt

Senior Lecturer

  1. AerialCattle2017

    Andrew, W. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Greatwood, C. (Creator), University of Bristol, 10 Oct 2017


  2. Depth video and skeleton of people walking up stairs

    Tao, L. (Creator), Hannuna, S. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Camplani, M. (Creator), Paiement, A. (Creator), Mirmehdi, M. (Creator), Damen, D. (Creator), University of Bristol, 6 Nov 2014


  3. DS-KCF tracker code (BMVC'15 version)

    Hannuna, S. (Creator), Tao, L. (Creator), Damen, D. (Creator), Camplani, M. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Paiement, A. (Creator), Mirmehdi, M. (Creator), University of Bristol, 6 Jul 2015


  4. DS-KCF tracker code (C++ version)

    Camplani, M. (Creator), Damen, D. (Creator), Hannuna, S. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Mirmehdi, M. (Creator), Tao, L. (Creator), University of Bristol, 5 Dec 2016


  5. DS-KCF tracker code (SHAPE version)

    Tao, L. (Creator), Whitehouse, S. (Creator), Damen, D. (Creator), Burghardt, T. (Creator), Camplani, M. (Creator), Hannuna, S. (Creator), Mirmehdi, M. (Creator), University of Bristol, 6 Dec 2016


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