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Mr Wai Li Chu

Doctor of Philosophy Student, Member Student

Research interests

I obtained my MPhil at the Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University, before coming to study PhD at Bristol. My thesis was about how and why the British government resisted to decolonise (or in a sense abandon) Hong Kong because of its Cold War interests between 1967 and 1979. My PhD thesis will build on it to examine the Sino-British negotiations on Hong Kong's future in view of their political and economic connections with other countries such as the United States and Australia during the late Cold War.

My research interests go beyond the relations between decolonisation and Cold War in the process and outcome of a colony's decolonisation to the wider issue of the British Empire after the WWII - how the worldwide decolonisation process influenced the working relations between Britain as a metropole and its colony, and how the British government tried to practice its governing ideology (namely the Keynesianism) in its colony. My secondary school learning experience also raise my research interests in history education and comics history in Asia, particularly Hong Kong.

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United Kingdom