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Dr Yohei Yamauchi

Reader in Viral Cell Biology

Yohei Yamauchi

Dr Yohei Yamauchi

Reader in Viral Cell Biology

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Research interests

Cell Biology of Virus Infections (Yamauchi group website)

How do viruses interact with the cells and cellular proteins in our body to establish infection and cause disease? What are the molecular mechanisms of virus entry and infection?

If we can understand the essential steps of virus entry, infection, and replication, we have a better chance of controlling viral disease. Viruses know their way around our body and its cells - it is why they are so adept at hijacking the cell’s biosynthetic machinery, signalling, endocytosis, and intracellular transport, etc. to infect and replicate. In our laboratory, we look for mechanistic insights of how viruses (such as influenza) interact with the host cell during the early stages of infection. 

The impact of emerging infectious diseases on human health, effects on social and economic wellbeing of mankind can be enormous. It is signified in recent outbreaks of Zika virus in Latin America (2016-), Ebola virus in West Africa (2015-), and Avian Influenza viruses across Europe (2016-) that devastated large communities and industries around the world. Influenza virus infection alone affects 500 million people every year, half a million of which suffer death. A lack of a universal vaccine and the changing nature of influenza virus make it a challenge for scientists to combat the disease effectively. Our research goal is to find cellular and viral mechanisms that are important for virus infection, and ultimately use the knowledge to design novel therapeutic strategies. We prefer to use an established systems biology approach to narrow down our cellular targets, and then to dissect their interaction with the virus using a variety of techniques using cell biology, virology, imaging, and biochemistry.

Selected Publications:  

Miyake Y, Keusch JJ, Decamps L, Ho-Xuan H, Iketani S, Gut H, Kutay U, Helenius A, Yamauchi Y. Influenza virus uses transportin 1 for vRNP debundling during cell entry. Nat Microbiol. 4(4):578-586. doi: 10.1038/s41564-018-0332-2 (2019)

Yamauchi Y. Quantum dots crack the influenza uncoating puzzle. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116(7):2404-2406. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1822089116 (2019) 

Sobotzki N, Schafroth MA, Rudnicka A, Koetemann A, Marty F, Goetze S, Yamauchi Y, Carreira EM, Wollscheid B. HATRIC-based identification of receptors for orphan ligands. Nat Commun. 9(1):1519. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-03936-z (2018)

Rudnicka A & Yamauchi Y. Ubiquitin in influenza virus entry and innate immunity. Viruses 8, 293: doi:10.3390 (2016)

Yamauchi Y* & Greber UF*. Principles of Virus Uncoating: Cues and The Snooker Ball. Traffic. Feb 15. doi: 10.1111/tra.12387 (2016)

Gschweitl M, Ulbricht A, Barnes CA, Enchev RI, Stoffel-Studer I, Meyer-Schaller N, Huotari J, Yamauchi Y, Greber UF, Helenius A, Peter M. A SPOPL/Cullin-3 ubiquitin ligase complex regulates endocytic trafficking by targeting EPS15 at endosomes. Elife 5: e13841 (2016)

Banerjee I, Miyake Y, Nobs S, Schneider C, Horvath P, Kopf M, Matthias P, Helenius A*, Yamauchi Y*. Influenza A virus uses the aggresome processing machinery for host cell entry. Science 346:473-477 (2014)

Banerjee I, Yamauchi Y, Helenius A, Horvath P. High-content analysis of sequential events during the early phase of influenza A virus infection. PLoS ONE 8: e68450 (2013)

Yamauchi Y, Helenius A. Virus entry at a glance. Journal of Cell Science 126:1289-1295 (2013)

*Co-corresponding author


Books and Chapters:

Yamauchi Y. Editor. Influenza Virus: Methods & Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology. Springer (2018)

Helenius A & Yamauchi Y. Cell Biology of Virus Infection. Encyclopedia of Cell Biology. Academic Press, Vol.2: 809-818 (2016)



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