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Prize: National/international honour


I was honoured by the PCC Award in November 2014 for my contribution in the Public Health and Crime Reduction fields. The award nomination reads as follows: “Nasrul’s expertise in both research and performance management, have made him the ‘intelligence brain’ behind crime reduction in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Nasrul’s capabilities to provide insights into the unknown territories are unparalleled. His research on the prevalence of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) drug users was the only research in the country on the topic to date. Nasrul plays a pivotal role in performance management for crime reduction boards. He supported the Strategic Partnership Against Hate Crime (SPAHC), Integrated Response, Integrated Services (IRiS, an integrated management response for the most serious offenders in Bristol), Domestic and Sexual Abuse, Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Working Group, and Restorative Justice. He is currently responsible for the performance monitoring for South Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT). He developed analytical tools, such as balanced scorecards, value for money calculations, and an evaluation matrix, to justify why the services should be continually funded, against other competing interests, based on robust evidence. Nasrul has been entrusted to provide a reality check of ‘what works’ for his colleagues and superiors. Nasrul also facilitated the IRiS Evaluation Board through understanding criminogenic of the IRiS offenders, process measures, and outcomes of the service. This informed the extension of the project for another year, and to other areas in Bristol before it is rolled-out across Avon and Somerset.”
Granting OrganisationsAvon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner


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