Award for Outstanding Achievement

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PURPOSE The Award For Outstanding Achievement is to: promote the principal objective of the Society to further the development of the science of hydrology and its application to the under-standing and management of New Zealand's water resources recognise outstanding achievement in hydrological science in New Zealand. THE AWARD The Award will be a suitably inscribed medal to be presented at the Society's Annual Symposium. CONDITIONS The Award will recognise outstanding contributions to hydrological science in New Zealand, as demonstrated by scientific publications, and/or a person's impact on the management of New Zealand's water resources. The recipient will be a financial member of the N Z Hydrological Society. The recipient will normally be a resident of New Zealand. Nominations will be judged by a selection panel nominated by the Society's Executive. The panel may obtain statements from the nominee's referees, and may seek additional comments from appropriately qualified persons. If in the Executive's judgement no nominations achieve the expected standard, the Award may not be made in a given year.
Granting OrganisationsNew Zealand Hydrological Society