ICIP 2017 Grand Challenge on Video Compression Technology

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This challenge intends to identify technology that improves compression beyond the current state of the art in video compression, the most recent standard HEVC. Video compression continues to be one of the most important areas in image and signal processing, with more efficient binary representation needed due to the ever increasing amount and resolution of video data.

Participants will be asked to deliver bitstreams with pre-defined maximum target rates for a given set of sequences, and a decoder executable for reconstructing the decoded videos. Objective (such as PSNR, SSIM, VQM) criteria will be computed over the entire set of data. Additionally, subjective tests will be run for selected test cases. A paper for publication in the proceedings should also be submitted. The best performers will have the opportunity to present a summary of the underlying technology during the ICIP session where the results will be presented.
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Event titleIEEE ICIP 2017
LocationBeijing, ChinaShow on map
Period17 Sept 2017 → 20 Sept 2017